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Profile-ShotD… a Fitness and Wellness Leader, Trainer and Speaker, and creator of ReGenesis – a unique fitness and wellness system that regenerates the body to help make one feel and look fitter, stronger, leaner, happier and years younger.

He is a renowned expert in the field of natural fitness and wellness, alumni of the Monkey Bar Gym (US) under the mentorship of Jon Hinds (one of the world’s foremost strength and conditioning coaches), and was instrumental in bringing the giant Curves fitness franchise to South Australia. Over the years he has helped literally thousands of people to get fit and healthy.

Colin is also a highly engaging and energetic speaker. Often contrarian, invariably provocative and yet always thought provoking, his talks inspire and motivate others to keep growing and to become more than their current experience.

His book – “The Play Time Solution” – is due for release in early 2018.

In his spare time Colin enjoys gymnastics, kettlebell training, riding his motorbike, kite surfing and gazing at the stars while pondering the meaning of life (though not necessarily all at the same time). He lives on 20 idyllic acres with his wife and 2 young children, and between them they are lucky enough to have a few horses, a cat, a dog, and a crazy cockatiel called Wee Wit.

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Need a ‘Ted Style’ talk, seminar or presentation for your organisation, conference or general get together? How about one with a message that inspires attendees to live at a much higher level? You can regain the health, vitality and fitness of your youth – to do more, have more and be more… and it’s a lot simpler than you might think.



Your market and what it expects from you is changing rapidly. The blunt reality is that they just don’t want you or what you have to offer: a future of physical decline, decay and loss of dependence and willfulness. Who would? So what if you instead created an environment and culture that promoted and insisted upon personal regeneration, youthful activity, fun and happiness? What if that was the experience of your prospective customers when they first seek you out?

If you would like to contract someone to help change your game, someone who has the experience and track record to achieve it, call Colin for a confidential chat.



Colin provides exclusive training for those seeking to regain the physical fitness, vitality and athleticism of their youth.


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PO Box 1539, Mount Barker, SA, Australia

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